The 5 Key Themes of 2023

PE International 2023 will cover all aspects of the industry, with presentations grouped into 5 key topics.

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Electric vehicles: Driving the SiC revolution

Is global SiC capacity ramping fast enough to meet the demands of electric vehicle manufacturers? And what matters most: the chip's reliability, its cost, its performance, or its guaranteed supply?

GaN: Carving out niches in consumer electronics

GaN is now in the spotlight, providing the key ingredient fast-charging smartphones. How big could this market be, and what might come afterwards?

Safeguarding silicon's successes

Silicon's dominance continues. What's needed to continue this success story through this decade and beyond?

Strengthening supply chains

Is fab expansion going fast enough to satisfy demand? And what can be done to streamline SiC substrate production?

Perfecting the package

As the power density of the chip increases, better packages are needed to prevent overheating and ensure reliability. What technologies are going to meet this challenge?