PE International 2023 Agenda

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Monday 17th April 2023 starting at 18:30 CET
18:30 Pre-conference networking drinks reception sponsored by EPIC
Tuesday 18th April 2023 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by xxx, Conference Chair
GaN: Carving out niches in consumer electronics
09:00 Next Generation Device Architectures for Gallium Nitride and their Applications in Power and RF
Presented by Rob Harper - Compound Semiconductor Centre
09:20 GaN Power ICs Enable Superior System Cost and Reliability in Consumer and Industrial Markets
Presented by Alfred Hesener - Navitas
09:40 GaN Integrated Circuits are Revolutionizing Power Electronics
Presented by Marco Palma - EPC
10:00 Growth opportunities for Power GaN beyond the Consumer market
Presented by Taha Ayari - Yole Group
10:20 Morning Break - Sponsored by xxx
11:05 How does the digital control unlock the full capabilities of GaN in power supply
Presented by Thierry Bouchet - Wise Integration
11:25 The future ecosystem for GaN electronics, from a patent perspective
Presented by Rémi Comyn - KnowMade
11:45 What is needed to bring GaN power device into high-volume end-products such as mobile phone?
Presented by Denis Marcon - Innoscience Europe BV
12:05 imec unlocking the full potential of GaN power electronics
Presented by Maritza Tangarife Ortiz - imec
12:25 Lunch Break - Sponsored by xxxx
13:55 GaN is now in the spotlight, providing the key ingredient fast-charging smartphones. How big could this market be, and what might come afterwards?
14:15 Topologies to Address Improvements in Consumer and Personal Electronics Power Supplies Using GaN-on-Silicon Power Devices
Presented by Tushar Dhayagude - Transphorm
Safeguarding silicon's successes
14:35 Will silicon's dominance ever be threatened?
Presented by Callum Middleton - Omdia
14:55 Cooling channel optimization in power inverter design
Presented by Fabio Alpiovezza - Marelli Electric Powertrain
15:15 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by xxx
Perfecting the package
16:00 How advanced wafer technology and package experience impact SiC power devices
Presented by Peter Friedrichs - Infineon
16:20 Presentation by Vario-optics
Presented by Nikolaus Floery - Vario-optics
16:40 Packaging & Assembly Trends for Next Generation Power Modules
Presented by Huub Claassen - Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology
17:00 Closing Remarks & networking drinks
Wednesday 19th April 2023 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by xxx, Conference Chair
Electric vehicles: Driving the SiC revolution
09:00 SiC Intelligent Power Modules, a system approach that lowers the barrier to entry of SiC in niche E-Mobility Applications
Presented by Pierre Delatte - CISSOID
09:20 Presentation by Navitas
Presented by Sumit Jadav - Navitas
09:40 How to sustain the EV-Traction SiC Revolution: technology, manufacturing, supply chain and cost
Presented by Pietro Scalia - Onsemi
10:00 Silicon carbide offers high hopes for EVs, but can they meet stringent automotive quality levels?
Presented by Filippo Di Giovanni - STMicroelectronics
10:20 Morning Break - Sponsored by xxx
11:05 Next-Generation SiC coated graphite components for SiC epitaxy
Presented by Christian Militzer - SGL Carbon
11:25 Are you prepared for the shifting paradigm of SiC supply chain for BEV?
Presented by Yu Yang - Yole Group
11:45 Presentation by Soitec
Presented by Emmanuel Sabonnadière - Soitec
12:05 High Quality SiC substrates- A need of the hour for EV revolution.
Presented by Helge Willers - PureOn
12:25 SiC: the driving force of e-mobility and a sustainable future
Presented by Aly Mashaly - ROHM Semiconductor
12:45 Lunch Break - Sponsored by xxxx
Strengthening supply chains
14:45 A new rhythm in Power Electronics ecosystems with emergence of SiC and GaN
Presented by Ezgi Dogmus - Yole Group
15:05 UK supply chain for embedded GaN semiconductors in power electronics
Presented by Joe Petrie - PPM Power
15:25 Clas-SiC: The UK’s only Commercial Power SiC Wafer Fab
Presented by David Clark - Clas-Sic
15:45 Closing Remarks
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